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Products and Services...

bulletDerivatives pricing and risk management function libraries including Microsoft Excel worksheet function interfaces and C++/VB application programming interfaces.
bulletCustomized and semi-custom front-end software for derivatives market making and position risk management.
bulletGeneral derivatives-related consulting services.


Key Benefits...

bulletDirect attention to the needs of the trading desk.  DTS does NOT create or sell integrated back-to-front-office systems.  The exclusive focus of DTS is on tools that directly facilitate the market making and dynamic hedging functions of the trading desk.
bulletRapid deployment, low cost and customizability.  DTS uses a combination of fast, stable core components written in C++ and VB together with flexible, familiar interfaces built around Microsoft Office and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.  This combination results in development and deployment times that are a fraction of traditional systems, at a fraction of their cost and with a much higher degree of customizability for equivalent time and cost.
bulletCustomized integration with existing back-office systems.  DTS products are designed with databases and APIs that are simple, non-proprietary and well-documented.  They can be integrated with existing systems at either a low level or a high level.  Integration tasks can be performed by the client, by DTS or by a combined effort.
bulletExceptional support.  DTS supports all installations with excellent availability and rapid response times.  Minor customizations, enhancements and bug fixes are frequently implemented and uploaded to the DTS web site within 24 hours.
bulletEmphasis on the energy markets including Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Electricity.  DTS products and services can benefit any derivatives trading desk, but energy traders can realize the greatest benefits at the lowest cost by taking advantage of the extensive component and template libraries already developed by DTS for these markets.


The Mission of Derivatives Trading Solutions LLC...

To help traders manage risk and make money in spite of the twin paralyzing influences of the back office and executive management.

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